Weekend snippets #1


Oh, the weekend… We wait for it all week and then it goes by so quickly. Here are a few snippets of my weekend, mostly in pictures.

A bush of basil


The basil seeds I planted this spring turned out pretty OK. It would be a shame to not use up these gorgeous green beauties so if anyone has some good recipes, please share it with me!

Asters of August


Although summer is not yet over, I am preparing for autumn with asters. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful colors of the new season. Until then, I have these pretty pink wonders – straight from the garden. By the way, when it comes to vases, I really like to repurpose bottles – this blue one used to contain lemonade in an other life.

Blissful brownies


When I’m feeling a bit down, I usually bake something – it makes me feel better and it relaxes me (not like making pierogi…). This was the case this Saturday, so I decided to get the party going and I made brownies based on this great recipe. The results were convincing so I highly recommend trying this one as it’s quick, easy, and tasty. Just a tip: for an interesting combination of flavors, sprinkle it with large-grain salt after you take it out of the oven.

Try to wait until it’s cooled down… But we all know that’s hard, so be careful not to burn your tongue!

I hope you all had a nice weekend – have a wonderful Monday tomorrow!

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