Jamie Oliver x LaMimieux

Have you ever received a gift you really liked yet somehow it ended up in the land of forgotten presents? Unfortunately, it happens to me all the time even though I really, truly don’t want to forget about these nice little surprises. But why am I talking about it? Let’s see…

Let’s go back to the Christmas of 2015, shall we? It’s the most wonderful time of the year in my humble opinion – and yes, I’m addicted to it, but we will discuss that later when the time is right. So the air feels festive with the scent of pine trees and gingerbread, our eyes are filled with love and the reflections of hundreds of Christmas lights… Sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, Jamie Oliver’s “Comfort Food” awaited me under the tree. Two copies of it, actually, but nowadays only one of them is in my possession. Looking at all the gorgeous photographs in it, a rush of joy, happiness, and enthusiasm ran through me – look at all the tasty courses I’ll make from this book! Then weeks passed by, followed by months and none of those savory beauties jumped out the book onto the dinner table, except for one pie recipe, which, let’s be honest, is a pretty sad percentage.


This definitely wasn’t the first cookbook to end up forgotten on the shelf – even though I swear, I really do love baking and cooking, and I do it quite often. But the process is usually the following: I think of something I would like to make, and then search for a recipe on the internet, print it out (or not even that, thanks to modern technology), I make it, and if I happen not to forget about it, I save the original source on Pinterest. And I haven’t even mentioned taking notes of all the adjustments I make – which is usually a lot as I, beg your pardon, is a victim of circumstances (and lazy) so if I don’t have that fancy sauce at home, I’ll make something similar up from the supplies within reach. I know, I’m a barbarian, I apologize to all the gourmet visitors – please forgive me for this character flaw.


Excuse me for drifting a bit away from the point – this is something you might have to get used to if you will stick with me through this journey… 🙂

So, the thing is, I decided to enjoy this gift as much as possible, and I will start making the recipes from this book. And to make sure I won’t give in halfway through (another character flaw) I will share every step of this little personal project – the ups and downs of it – here on this very platform. The future is bright and limitless, so who knows what else might fit into this website… Join me and let’s find out together! 🙂


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